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Sheversky. Contemporary Realism

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Published by Realism Fine Art Gallery, 2007

Sheversky - Contemporary Realism is a 132-page hardcover volume that represents the first full-scale professional publication examining the life and work of Alexander Sheversky.  Divided into three chronological sections dealing with different stages of his career, from professional art student to young artist on Moscow to solo exhibitionist  to later works, this volume provides an overview of the artist’s engagement with the public.  The book begins with a biography and essay offering a rich glimpse into the life of Sheversky and his formation as a leading artist in the realm of contemporary realism.  Included are a mixture of photos of drawings and full-colour plates that are exquisite in detail, offering insight into the richness and meticulous detail that Sheversky is known for.  The book deals with the series from Sheversky’s collection that he best known for:  rare early landscape and figurative works, nude studies, still lifes and, of course, the exquisite ballerina series for which is revered today by his collectors.

"Sheversky - Contemporary Reallism" is available in a standard edition for $75.00 plus shipping.


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